The Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Dating Etiquette

In today’s dating world, good manners and etiquette can go a long way. While the rules of courtship have certainly evolved, being a respectful, considerate partner is still a highly valued quality that every modern gentleman should cultivate. This guide outlines some key principles for minding your dating etiquette.

Making a Good First Impression

  • Be on time for dates. Tardiness is discourteous and starts things off on the wrong foot.
  • Dress neatly and appropriately for the occasion. Looking presentable shows you respect your date.
  • Be a gentleman by doing small courtesies like holding doors, helping with her coat, etc.
  • Compliments are great, but avoid overdoing it or making anyone uncomfortable with excessive flattery.

During the Date

  • Put your phone away and avoid texting or taking calls. Give your date your full attention.
  • Mind your table manners by avoiding messy eating habits or impolite behavior.
  • Don’t monopolize the conversation or talk only about yourself. Ask questions and be an engaged listener.
  • Discretion is wise regarding controversial topics like religion, politics, exes, etc. Avoid potential conversational landmines.

Being Considerate

  • If going Dutch, suggest it politely rather than just assuming. Offer to pay, but don’t argue if declined.
  • For goodnight, a warm hug or peck on the cheek is often appreciated for a first date. Pushing for more can make your date uncomfortable.
  • In general, be respectful of physical and emotional boundaries. Don’t behave in an overly forward way.
  • If you don’t click, don’t ghost. Politely let them know you don’t see a romantic future, but do it tactfully.

Small acts of consideration go a long way. A modern gentleman prioritizes making his date feel comfortable, respected, and appreciated at all times. With good dating etiquette, you’re more likely to make a positive and lasting impression.